Ronnie Perry - EvenLiving

by Ronnie Perry - רוני פרי

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EvenLiving, Ronnie Perry`s debut album, was written in the past five years, and was produced by Ofer Meiri.


released February 17, 2015

Written and composed by Ronnie Perry
Ofer Meiri - Music Production and mixing
Guitars - Oron Laor
Bass - Tzuki Dvosk
Drumms - Tomer Tzidkiyahu
Piano, keys and synths - Ofer Meiri

instruments recorded in Pluto and Bardo studios
mastered in Metropolis, London, UK

art and graphic design - Lee&Tamar Studio
photography - Alon Segal



all rights reserved


Ronnie Perry רוני פרי Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Ronnie Perry, 26 years old singer-songwriter, releasing her debut international album, produced by Ofer Meiri.

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Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 01 - Big House
Big House

Verse 1:
Learn for grades, do for money
Think as you`re told
Or you can`t join in
No you`re not invited
And you won`t deserve being at all

Buy a big house
Put a bigger fence around it
See the world through thick glass
And you`ll call it freedom
But there will be no real breathing

Take things in, throw things out
Breath to live
But there`s no heart inside

Verse 2:
Get things done get paid
Go outside get laid
Come back inside, cry
I`d rather die

Chorus 1


Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
When I leave I won`t come back
If I leave, I found a good place to hide
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 02 - Simple Truth
Simple truth

Verse 1:
I`m fading out
Cuz i`m not sure I want to fade in
I`m used to lies
How can I tell what`s true

Verse 2:
I`m trying to shed my evil off
Slow and safe
I just hope it`s not too late

Chorus 1:
When I deny my sorrow
I deny my joy
But i`m just time and circumstance
And I know I don`t know

Verse 3:
Money is just a mean
It`s not why we are
And with more laws there`ll be more criminals
But that`s not what we are

Chorus 2:
I don`t deserve my wings
If I don`t wanna fly
But all I feel is gravity
And when I deny my sorrow
I deny my joy
But i`m just time and circumstance
And I know I don`t know


Chorus 2

Forgive me
I am lost
Forgive me
I don`t know where to start
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 03 - Dark Waters
Dark waters

Verse 1:
My thoughts on paper
They`ll dissolve in water
My feelings I hope
Would be more clever
I forgot to lock the door
Bad dreams come faster than before
I`m scared to lose what I have earned

Chorus 1:
There`s playing outside
I wish there was more playing inside
Though I try
I know I can`t turn off the evil
That comes at night
That comes when I close my eyes

Verse 2:
I live in books and things I see
I don`t really live in me
I dive inside and nothing could fish me out
Forgetting things I wish I kept
Hoping to take them to my grave
Only remember people when they die

Chorus 1


Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
A walking paradox
A happy child with old eyes
A singing mute
I wanna shine and hide at the same time
When I die will it matter
If i`m remembered
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 04 - EvenLiving
Even living

Verse 1:
With first light I walk
A reality made of sound
I`ve been up all night
Sleeping but up
I think i`m still asleep
I can`t tell anymore
So now i`m following the light
I`m ahead but behind

Can you teach me to remember nothing
But know who I am
The wheres, the whys, the whats
They`re too heavy for my shoulders

The sky is too deep
The sea is too high
The future becomes afraid of the past

Verse 2:
With one life I try
To find some kind of meaning
Something coherent
While I keep getting drunk

Can you teach me to think of something
That`s never been thought of
The rights, the wrongs, the maybes
I`ll ban them from existence


With first light I walk
And i`m not getting anywhere
With one life I try
And the victims are everywhere


Afraid of the past
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 05 - You

Verse 1:
You got me a book
To write my songs
So I wrote you down
You came when I opened my heart
You keep it open ever since

You are a light to me
Even when you don`t feel you shine
You are something i`ve searched
That I could only hope to find

Verse 2:
You move me in ways I can`t explain
You take me in your arms
And I know I deserve love
You bring me back when I get lost
And remind me what is real


Verse 3:
Step by step i`m learning you
Since you magically appeared
For a while now I can picture our kids
The family we`ll build

Chorus 2:
You are something i`ve searched
That I could only hope to find
I wish that I could keep you from all harm
Block the cold world outside
And shut the blinds
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 06 - Start Again
Start again

Verse 1:
Tonight i`m breathing
Not through my nose
Paralyzed from the neck up
I think I lost my voice
A feeling arises
Says i`m supposed to right the wrong
Mixed business with pleasure
Not fun anymore

Don`t just try
Don`t just try
Don`t just try
You know what to do

Verse 2:
Give up the sadness
Singing in my head
The rain it has meaning
A chance to start again
A feeling arises
Says i`m supposed to know what`s best
Fear not what`s coming
Inevitable is death

Chorus x2


Chorus x2
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 07 - Spring

Verse 1:
I`m coming halfway
Meet me there
The noise won`t come in if we don`t let it
When you`re in it
You can`t remember nothing else
Take your sorrow
And turn it into something else

Chorus 1:
Time was made by us
And now it controls us

Verse 2:
I`m coming over
Meet me there
It`s been so long since i`ve seen your smile
You are in it
You can`t remember who you are
She is in there
Waiting until she`ll be found

Chorus 2:
Lies are our invention
They do nothing for our protection

Verse 3:
I`m breaking halfway
I`m not there
It`s been so long since I settled down
I am in here
I can`t remember whats outside
Spring is coming
Maybe it will open my eyes

Chorus 1:
Time was made by us
And now it controls us
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 08 - The Child You Were
The Child You Were

Verse 1:
I wanna go back to the child you were
Hold her tight and tell her
She is loved
I wanna tell her she`s not alone
The weight of the world is not
On her little shoulders

I want you to feel me everywhere you go
My heart was smaller
Before you came along
You asked for my hand
I gave you my all
I will song to you
Till I have no voice

Verse 2:
I wanna go back to the little child you were
Give her everything she deserved
Tell her to open her heart
And be patient
The universe hears her call


Don`t fear the fear
I`m here
I love you more
Than I did the day before
You`re safe now


I will sing for you
Till I have no voice
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 09 - Underwater

Verse 1:
Listen to my fears
They sound just like my dreams
They are two sides
Of the same thing
Put my name in a circle
And make a sun out of me

I never could trade hats
And just smile cuz I have to
When there`s too much noise inside
I put my head under water

Verse 2:
Nothing here is mine
I`m just passing through
I guess i`ll grow to like
Being powerless
I will try
To just save myself


I`m ruining today
With thoughts of tomorrow
I`m ruining tomorrow
If I don`t think of today

Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 10 - Whatever

Who else if not you
I chase myself around you
I can`t keep hiding like this

I`m ready for failure
As i`m not dressed for success
I don`t say
Whatever happens i`m ok

I should start over
So many things are wrong here
Guilty until proven innocent

Crying won`t help you
Not when everything scares you
I don`t say
Whatever dies here i`m ok
Track Name: Ronnie Perry - 11 - Freedom to Lose
Freedom to lose

Verse 1:
If I keep my wounds
Above my heart
It has to stop the bleeding
Then i`ll play along
I`ll play my song
And maybe i`ll be loved

Verse 2:
Dear butterflies
Please leave my stomach
I know i`ll miss you when you`re gone
But this is too much
Just too much

Verse 3:
When it`s raining
I have the world to myself
I can go out even if I want
That no one will laugh at me if I fall
Even if I fall

Don`t forget your past just don`t live in it
All I can promise you is the freedom to lose
In a minute you`ll hear something you don`t wanna hear
Then you`d love to hate me too

Too much power in the hands of too few
With too much power I will destroy myself, too